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last[HoSu] Memmed Fic List

"But if I had said it then, Yunho would've broken my back", Junsu admitted.

Then Yunho said, "The instant Junsu admitted that it was him, he looked really beautiful"

"Is that still pretty?" Jaesuk sshi questioned.

"But my feelings were revived in that instant" Yunho answered.



1-at the beginning
by: mormorando/ 9300w / pg

Damn Heechul, Yunho thinks, but keeps a smile on his face. It figures that four hours later, everyone on this side of Seoul knows he's going to be homeless soon. "Um, sort of, yeah. Do you know of a place?"

"Yeah, my house is 15 minutes away from here and we have some space to spare."

2-my favorite way to bleed
by: kandadze/ 8548w / r / au

The boy stopped in the middle of the cube, facing away from me. I let my eyes travel down his back, from broad shoulders to two dimples right above the black patch of his jeans, from the rope of his spine to his bare hip. He shifted from one foot to the other, the sound of denim brushing against skin almost overpowering another sound, the sound- of his voice.

He was singing.

by: splashie_xyt/ 1098w / pg

The boy sent him a curious gaze.

“I mean, what’s your name?” Yunho asked, sticking out a hand, “I’m Yunho.”

“I know”, the boy nodded and shook the other’s hand, “I’m Junsu.”


by: awoken/ 2100w / pg-13

He shakes his head, a smile beginning at the corners of his eyes. "You're impossible," he says. He opens his mouth and seems to speak, but it's like he's been put on mute. All around you, the world seems to bend and shake, clear blue skies giving way to static and scan-lines. Your ticket has expired. Please submit another forty credits, comes the woman's smooth voice, or disconnect from the machine.


5-The Seventh Rule
by: itsplashes/ pg-13 / angst / romance / 7145w

Junsu’s certainty falters when he meets Yunho.

6- End of the Line
by: itsplashes/ pg / angst / romance / 6291w

The boy leans in and places his free hand on the left side of Yunho’s chest, clutches it tightly until Yunho feels his breath being stolen from him. The boy looks at him and the intensity in his stare makes Yunho swallow.

He still sees the fear there, can feel the hint of a silent plea, but underneath it all, there’s just certainty. I can take this right now, his eyes say simply, and you’ll never have it back. Yunho lets go of his hand.

7- Quite the Predicament
by: hoyah/ +5500w

"So he exercises in the living room," JaeJoong said with a shrug, popping open another bottle of soju and offering it to JunSu as he joined him on the couch to watch their monthly marathon of High School Musical. "You've got the most space there."

"It's not just that. He... sometimes he's just wearing his..." JunSu was turning red, frustrated that JaeJoong didn't seem to understand the issue he took with YunHo's health and fitness. A month living with YunHo and he found himself more than a little perturbed by all the new things he was learning about his friend.

last updated: 07082014

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