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[YooSu] Memmed Fic List

"Out of all the members, I can live because Yoochun is there."



1,still (1),(2)
by: bloaty712/ angst, reflection / friendship

He figured if he concentrated hard enough on the motions, he would be too distracted to feel his heart break.

2,tricky treats
by: k_chan91/ comedy, mistery, romance / pg-13

Someone knows Junsu's dark, Halloween secret. Will they expose his secret to the world or leave poor Junsu alone with his tortured soul?

3,and we could be
by: dewberrie/ pg

it’s the only love story junsu never tells

4,it's harder to say something than nothing at all
by: xiahtic/ pg / remix to it's easier to imagine

Sometimes, Junsu really worries about Yoochun. He also wonders about Yoochun, but the worrying generally comes first.

by: kpopficwangst

The darkness is too familiar for comfort. Has he been here before? Junsu doesn’t remember. All his dreams seem about the same. Cold, dark, and he is always alone.

6,my still chrome heart
by: junsubabyx3/ angst, horror / r

in your dreams i control you with my magic spells. you're once again yearning

by: fluidline/ r / 2100w

a love story

8,picture perfect (junsu's story)/(yoochun's story)
by: andified/ g / angst, romance

The thing about break-ups is that it's supposed to hurt.

9,you can count on me (like one two three)
by: yunhore/ pg / + ot5

“Occupant 6002?”

He steps forward.

last updated: 07082014

Tags: fandom: tvxq, memmed
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