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[HoMin] Memed Fic List

"He nags at me all the time"



by: hongdae

Yunho wakes up on his birthday feeling considerably well rested.

2.language barrier (or that hot rrr sound)
by: zelshamada/ pg-13 / au /romance

Changmin just arrived Spain and Yoochun left him alone with the most handsome guy he had ever met. If only the gorgeous stranger could speak korean... But everytime he does that rrr sound Changmin's body doesn't mind to not fully understand.

3.our heads above the waves, the water broke our fall. (1),(2)
by: bluedveins/ pg-13 / romance, angst

fumbling around, changmin manages to grab a glass, fill it half-full with water, and produces two pills out of his pocket.

4.this heart of mine
by: latenightchai/ pg / romance, drama / ot5

So you keep on searching. It's the only thing you know how to do.

5.stages of flight
by: jaemint/ pg-13 / au /romance, angst

Yunho, a respectable and no nonsense high school teacher, thinks that he's in love with the beautiful school nurse, until Changmin comes along and turns his life upside down.

6.don't forget to cry
by: loveclouds/ r

death isn't like anyone imagines. except the horrible part.

7.one more cup of coffee
by: butterflyweb/ pg

He still loves you. He's still leaving you.

8.always the right forecast
by: loveclouds/ pg-13
changmin can control the weather.

9.as a memento
by: je_sessho/ pg-13 / 3514w

The “You don’t remember, do you,” that follows, is more of a statement than anything else.

10.high school romance fic
by: booooin/ r

“i’m eating more and more salty food these days,” writes changmin, “so that every morning when i open my eyes i’m thinking of you with a parched throat.”

11.A gentleman with a pen(is)
by: sohii/ pg-13 / crack

“Yunho, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls.”

12.when the levee breaks
by: vitiates/ pg-13 / tragedy

Seoul's a place of constant chaos, where the skies never stop raining and the hatred never goes away. Yunho is just looking to be saved. Changmin doesn't know how to save him.

13.this is a moment lost in time.
by: bluedveins/ 2366w / pg-13

"yunho's dead," is the first thing changmin hears when he wakes up.

14.It won't be long 1 , 2
by: prurientsmiles

Changmin wonders if he should keep waiting.

15.Impressions at First Sight
by: little_bibelot/ au / drama / romance

While looking to hire a personal assistant, Jung Yunho finds himself visiting a hospital room every week for the next seven months.

16.Two-faced I , II.1 , II.2 , III.1 , III.2
by: evangellie/ nc-17

There is a bank-robbery. Changmin is at the wrong place at the wrong time.

by: glitterburn/ r / 39000w

Yunho and Siwon have been best friends since childhood. When Siwon’s entire family is slaughtered on Christmas Eve, Yunho has no memory of what happened. Siwon claims a vampire did it—a vampire by the name of Shim Changmin. But Yunho doesn’t believe that vampires exist. Not until Changmin comes back into his life, hungry for a taste of Yunho’s blood.

But will one taste be enough? Changmin isn't known for his restraint, and Yunho has a secret of his own, one that could spell death for them both...

18.Snow Angels
by: teyahtimeay/ pg-13 / fluff

Yunho wakes up one day to find a baby on their doorstep.

19.Worlds Apart
by: yuxo/ pg

Perhaps other souls than human are sometimes born into the world, and clothed in flesh.

20.Four Page Letter
by: quirke

Without Yunho, Changmin is left to pick up the pieces for the rest of them.

21.Ashes, ashes, we all fall down
by: yuxo/ 5807w / nc-17

It starts like any other murder case, with a dead body and a small puddle of blood on the side.

22.cadaver walking
by: mikkyboom/ 1478w / r

he wants to sleep forever. no... that's only a pretty acceptable way to say it.

changmin wants to be dead.

by: prurientsmiles

She watches Yunho and Changmin together in their last moments as the plane goes down.

24.the dummy's guide to lj: how to assert your love / how to trim your flist
by: loveclouds/ pg-13

when changmin seeks to assert his love for yunho.

25.Cherry red with a dash of hope I , 2
by: bluedveins/ pg / romance / angst /

t's now routine, yunho realizes; get coffee in the morning, come sit out here beside him, don't exchange a single word. it's not awkwardly silent, really, more of a thick cloud of…something.

26.this is passion, free from reason
by: loveclouds/ nc-17

when law is reason, free from passion, what is love to two lawyers?

27.Stereo Hearts I , II
by: teyahtimeay/ nc-17 / college!au

Professor Jung has a student he can’t stop thinking about and it’s making him break all his rules.

28.jigsaw boy
by: apocryphalic/ pg-13 / 8888w

changmin's born with inverted pieces

29.baby and i make six I , II
by: apocryphalic/ 11313w / nc-17

changmin's life comes to what can be described as a standstill in the years after the group is finally disbanded. he thinks he's got his life figured out when reality throws a curveball at him and forces him to reconnect with his ex-bandmates.

30.Your Sunday Best I , II
by: quirknblurb/ nc-17 / hana = changmin

Hana tried not to flinch when the man averted his eyes when Hana poured him sake.

by: vaguelynormal/ pg / angst

Yunho likes dreaming. It’s something so innately human.

32.All That's Left Behind I, II
by: little_bibelot/ au / drama / romance

Sometimes, life works in strange ways. Or sometimes, it works in just the right way.

33. We Could Have Been
by: dystopialights/ pg-13

Changmin shrugs. He wonders how Yunho would take it if he said he’d skipped out on his friends just to see him.

34.Morning After
by: bbyah/ pg / au

“Hi there, little guy,” Yunho says, reaching down and picking the dog up. He realizes something is very wrong.

His arm...is not right. It’s too long, and now that he’s looking at it, it’s not his arm. He looks down at his body, and almost drops the dog.

It’s not his body at all.

by: abcdefghiluvyou/ r

“But what if a miracle would save him, would take him away from here to somewhere else. What if Changmin is the miracle for this one crying boy, a miracle he himself had waited all his life for...”

36.East Wind Melts The Ice
by: glitterburn/ r

Changmin peeps at him, watching as Yunho pushes away from the wall and moves around the room. So much restless energy; it almost shines from him.

37. Dreamjacked
by: bbyah/ g / au

Yunho knows something’s wrong when he realizes he’s inadvertently skipped a dance meet at the studio. He knows something’s even more wrong when he can’t bring himself to care very much, and skips the next four meets too.

38. The Dream
by: blosoms/ pg-13 /

Changmin dreams of long ago.

39. Life, In Between | Love, Halfway There
by: dentedsky/ r / 5500w

Changmin glared down at him sleepily and Yunho thought, Oh no, I’ve gone too far. But then Changmin leaned down and gave Yunho and dry, closed-mouthed kiss. “Good morning,” he said blearily, then rolled off him and got up, then left the room.

40. Lullabye for a Stormy Night
by: butterflyweb & nemesis_cry/ nc-17

A kink gone wrong leaves Changmin and Yunho to patch up a relationship that may be without hope.

41. It's not stalking, It's falling in love
by: chicoscidel/ pg-13

On his first day in the city of wonders Yunho harbors a crush. And he defies the odds when he gets to know a lot about this certain person even before they actually meet.

42. In the in-between
for: kpop_olymfics/ pg

“What do you mean I’m dead? How can I be dead? I mean, I’m still here and I’m talking to you?” Yunho says, his voice rising and his tone becoming increasingly pitchier as he panics.

“Well, I’m talking to you and you know I’m dead, don’t you?” Heechul says slowly, trying to be patient, something he’s not known to be.


43. → q u o n d a m
for: oyabeun/

maybe another day, jung, he thinks to himself, maybe another universe.

44. Mark it on your calender
for: yunhore/ pg-13

There is Jung Yunho; talk, lanky, promising but a little broken. Changmin knows he's going to fall in love with this man and it's going to be beautiful and perfect but for now, Changmin chooses to hate him.


45. Endless (We Go On And On)
for: vaguelynormal/ r

Changmin has always been plagued by nightmares. Yunho guards him from the things that go bump at night.

46. after your life; live
for: loveclouds/ r

the world is the same after you kill yourself. everything's just a little bit worse.

47. Despersona
for: swshawnee/ nc17 / a n g s t / 17109w

Yunho & Changmin are estranged after the split, and Yunho finds himself slipping deeper into insanity. Set in 2010.

48. The General and a Vagabond
for: vhii1217/ pg13 / drama / 17424w

Yunho is a royal general in a break after winning a war.

49. Dipped in Pink Ink
for: vhii1217/ drama / pg

He just wishes for Yunho-sonsaengnim to remember.

50. Coincidences
for: yakuso5u/ pg / romance / angst

There are some memories you won't talk about, some things you won't be, some feelings you can't have. There's what your life is going to be. And there's the moment when Chance decides to thwart Fate, and Changmin finds himself facing choices he thought had been taken from him.


51. Lovebirds
for: clothed/ 10610w / Romance / Supernatural

Changmin is a determined young man who is set on attaining the goals he has set for himself, that is, until he meets Yunho and begins to find more meaning in life. But Yunho is not what he seems, and Changmin has to choose between what he logically needs in life, and what he really wants.

52. Tone
for: mouldsee/

Even if the encounter involved Jung Yunho. Especially since it was Yunho who seemed to want to make this a once-off thing.

Better to act like they have both finally satisfied their curiosity after years of dancing around each other, and it was now time to move on.

53. Mosaic
for: magalix3/ pg-13 / romance / drama

As Changmin melds into his chest, falling into Yunho’s embrace for comfort, Yunho feels strong for the both of them. He feels like he has to be.

54. The Merman and the Prince
for: sohii/ g

Yunho saves a merman from trouble and it leads to a complicated friendship.

55. said the teapot to the lamp (a short story)
for: cease11/ pg-13 / crack / humor / romance

In which Changmin is a teapot.

56. Seven Days
for: blosoms/ nc-17 / au

Changmin's the world-class composer that writes songs to say whatever he can't. He uses his songs to express himself, to speak and express what he can't, and Yunho's just meant to be another of the idols that come looking for chart-topping ballads, but somehow he ... isn't.

57. Down the Monster Hole
for: sohii/ pg

Changmin has monsters under his bed and Yunho is one of them.

58. My Thumper of a Heart
for: sohii/ pg-13

Bambi follows how Yunho and Changmin fall in love.

59. Feast - Hors d'oeuvre , Main course </font>
for: haeym/ r

Special Agent Shim Changmin, a gifted young man and an excellent criminal profiler, tries to hunt down the Cheongdam-dong Ripper - with a help of certain Doctor Jung.

60. But that is one step too many
for: fliuor/ pg-13

Shim Changmin is about to get married. But before that, he needs some ballroom dancing lessons.

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