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[OT5] Memmed Fic List

or something like that



1,don't forget
by: littleredroom/ 1772w / post!db5k

What strikes him most though was the air of maturity around his bestfriend; he looked as if he had just come out from a battlefield, bruised and wounded, but he looked happy. Jaejoong’s eyes sparkled with utter happiness that he can no longer remember when he had last saw from him.

2,ten ways dbsk were superheroes
by: yassan/ g

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like. 2. Put iTunes or equivalent media player on random. 3. For each song that plays, write something related to the theme you picked inspired by the song. You have only the time frame of the song: no planning beforehand: you start when it starts, and no lingering afterward; once the song is over, you stop writing. (No fair skipping songs either; you have to take what comes by chance!) 4. Do 10 of these, then post.

3,a little piece of heaven
by: padmik/ pg-13 / horror / junsu&everyone

Everything isn't what it really appear to be on the surface.

4,beautiful evil
by: pazz_and_jop/ r / drabble series

Take your favorite idol and twist them inside-out. A drabble series featuring the members of TVXQ and the seven deadly sins. All drabbles are exactly 100 words.

5, of afterlight
by: quirke/ r / some yunjae implied

There is a fairy tale about the Children of Cassiopeia - they are the in-betweens of heaven and hell, dusk and dawn, life and death. Give them what they need and you might get what you want.

6,sleeping with the light on (because i don't want to go to bed without you)
by: enigmaxempress/ pg-13 / yunho&everyone

Let me hold you for tonight.

7,flowers beat fishies (alternatively know as: a flower patch of insanity)
by: chuchama/ pg / dramangst

Basically in which Changmin goes insane.

by: blurmeese/ 944w / g / angst /

Think of crows. Think of ravens. Think of blackbirds against the bluest sky you’ve ever seen, flat bottomed clouds tinged with dove grey, the kind that brings the promise of rainbow lit evenings after rain. Now think of a room with a window. Four walls, five people, a million hearts.

9,the art of flying
by: envious_muses/ g / 1121w

There is an art, or rather, a knack to flying. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss. … Clearly, it is this second part, the missing, which presents the difficulties. -Life, the Universe, and Everything

10,cycle 8
by: lockpicked/ pg-13 / 6557w / au / yunho-centric

Yunho's resolved to survive this Cycle that is predicted to hit Korea and wipe out the country's inhabitants

11,eight hundred and twenty one million
by: asisharada/ au / 4296w

Five best friends, dangerously symbiotic. If one of them jumped, they all fell down. (This is them struggling to stand up).

12,divining belonging
by: gompi/ changmin's pov

If you travel around the world in search of home, is
it really the place you're looking for or those lost kindred spirits
you hope to connect with?

13,hero decides to die (1), (2)
by: textparade/ angst

Because shit happens and sometimes you can't do anything about it.

14,imagine a blank canvas
by: cosmicanomaly/ pg / angst / jyj'pov

You’re trying so hard to be good at everything that in the end you’re good at nothing.

by: zelshamada/ pg / angst / au

La culpa poco a poco devora a Junsu y a Jaejoong; pero hicieron lo correcto. Changmin no puede volver, Yoochun no puede irse.

16,i only had faith in forever
by: retried/ pg / some jaemin

Seven years later, and everything's changing.

by: kayjayloves/ pg / romance / minsu&yunjae

They’re too used to having no time to breathe, by now they’ve cut their break cables and they can’t stop even with a foot pressing hard and persistent against the break.

18,we are (not)
by: perpetualhell/ r / angst

death is always hard-hitting. but nothing can compare to losing the youngest.

19,five pierrots plus one (1), (2)
by: dragonmeoldies/ pg-13

A song to love, a song to hate, a song to set you free. Melody and harmony that tear us apart only to put the world (plus us) back together.

20,they change their sky(1), (2)
by: latenightchai/ pg-13 / 11136w

There are myths that say that cameras can steal your soul: that having your likeness, your essence, captured in film, is to lose that piece of you forever. They're just myths, of course – but what can myths mean, when you're already a legend, and a member of the most photographed band in the world?

21,Lux Æterna
by: mikkyboom/ pg-13 / au

"and i will follow you (he says) until the sky falls down. the room starts to rumble."

22,happiness is, (2)
by: mearii87/ pg / 16660w

Jaejoong thinks he's happy.

23,the sound of flight: I, II, III, interlude, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII (final)
by: thevignette/ pg-13

Junsu remembers the first time he killed someone. He was twelve, watching the man who had hit his brother roll around on the floor in front of him, flames licking at his clothes, his body. A part of him thought he deserves this for hurting my brother, and the other part of him thought I am a murderer.

by: twhitesakura/ pg / au

In the future, Yoochun writes to Junsu.

25,Fallen Gods
by: scentedpast/ angst / r


They are no longer U-Know, Hero, Micky, Xiah and Max. They forget themselves.


by: scentedpast/ g

We were meant to meet, Changmin tells the other four, one day while they are all standing together watching the rising sun. We were meant to be.

27,and then there were four
by: apocryphalic/ 1785w / pg

Changmin dreams often of times when the Rising Gods of the East are four and not five.

28,A Birthday Story
by: dreaming_col/ pg

Some people have acquaintances. Some people have friends. Changmin… has these guys.

29,Spaces Between Us
by: teyahtimeay/ pg

Jaejoong is annoying, Changmin gets sick and three hypothetical situations are considered, one of which isn’t.

30,Purple Line
by: little_bibelot/ angst

There was a time he was told that he would never sing again.


31, because i am here
by: livesmiling & textparade

By the time Changmin reaches, it’s obvious. The smell of death lingers in the air.

32, lost boys
by: coconutjack/ pg / au

Changmin meets Jaejoong first, one cold December afternoon.

33,the fanbase
by: fanficaddiction/ pg-13 / yunjae included


34,not some place i fell
by: kallistei/ crack-ish / pg

"If one more idiot first year child asks me why I don't have a girlfriend and would I like to be set up with - god - their mother, who used to be a big fan, I swear I will kill someone."

by: mikkyboom/ pg-13 / fluff / humor

"I'm pregnant!"

Junsu beams happily at Yoochun from across the table.

Yoochun hasn't had his coffee yet. He blinks and nods and yawns "that's nice."

36, A Release Regarding A Family Of Viruses
by: mearii87/ pg / crack

Please take note if any of these appear on your computer. The following is a description of the exact characteristics of each virus. If you have further questions, please refer to our FAQ.

37, Acts of Insurrection
by: butterflyweb & nemesis_cry/ nc-17

It's been six months since Changmin crashed on the remote planet known as Elysia. Five months since Yunho and Junsu found him. Four months since Jaejoong was shot by a man he and Yoochun both trusted. Now training as the Empress' men, former soldiers and former rebels have shed past allegiances in service of a common goal. But the tide is turning--and not in their favor.

38, we were young gods
by: twicefolds/ pg / au / action

Theirs starts out as a life of quick-seeing eyes and sharp minds attuned only to the blood-tipped need for survival. Only the determined, the reckless and the dreamers hope for something more.


39, Running Men
by: mcarol85/ pg-13 / crack / humor / 6873w

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s appearance as guests on the popular TV show – Running Man.


40, booooin's werewolf&dystopia!verse: prior | after i | after ii | iron | dare | duckling | sacrifice | return | final | epilogue |
by: booooin/ r / drama

Yunho was in the trenches when the bombs hit.
When Junsu saw the ground arch and collapse into animal shape he was shocked into silence.
Before it all went down Jaejoong had been working as a letter forger.
Yoochun, a weredog, had been in his cage at his home when the bombs hit.
Changmin had only been sixteen and on the other side – a human.

-last updated 07012018-

Tags: fandom: tvxq, memmed
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