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[JaeSu] Memmed Fic List

"I love you too, Junsu"

"I just got goosebumps here"



1.try too hard
by: jumoon/ pg-13 / 588w / prequel to this

my god, we tried

2.taste for something new
by: mormorando/ pg / au / 5397w

Junsu meets a boy.

3.fantasies (1), (2)
by: bloaty712/ au

When Junsu turned ten, his parents presented him with Jaejoong.

4.when tomorrow comes (i'll be by your side)
by: lo_anlurui/ pg-13

"Junsu-hyung would just do stuff and it was so cool!"

5.Broken lights on the freeway
by: roselit/ 832w / r

They have their own way of reaching for the skies. }

6. The Times When We're Honest I , II
by: little_bibelot/ au / comedy / romance

Jaejoong thinks it's much easier just to blame the fairy. Damn Changmin.


by: itsplashes/ pg-13 / 969w / angst / romance

Not jealous, Jaejoong considers, as he watches Junsu and Yoochun sitting side by side on the couch, so close, too close, invading each other’s space. Not jealous, he repeats to himself. Just lonely.

8.See No Evil
by: fanficaddiction/ r

In a world of darkness, Junsu was blind not only to the light, but also to sin.


by: intorolude/ pg / 1133w

You spend your sunday afternoon falling in love.


10.A Lot Like Love
by: itsplashes/ g / 807w / fluff

“They don’t know you like I do.” Jaejoong grins. “I’m your biggest fan.”

11. J[a]e·lous·y
by: shu_jaesu/ 9710w / r

Jaejoong has it bad for quite a few years and one day he decides that he's had enough. He has a plan... but it all goes so spectacularly wrong.

11. Green Heart
by: dokssuri
Junsu wants to tell him he didn't mind that touch at all, but instead he says: "I am. I've tried holding my hand in a flame before and my skin didn't burn."

"You must have it in you somewhere then," Jaejoong says. He sounds hopeful. He closes his hand and the concentrated fire disappears.

There are spots in front of Junsu's eyes from the bright light. "That was beautiful," he says, still in awe.

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