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[Minsu] Memmed Fic List

"He makes me want to fight myself to be the better"



1,all you can ever learn (is what you already know)
by: butterflyweb & raawthorne/ r / 10173w

Changmin makes a discovery about himself.

2,john 4:18
by: butterflyweb & rawthornewrites / r / au

There is no fear in love

3,refraction (bend and not break)
by: butterflyweb/ pg-13

Junsu's the one who stayed

4,i fell (to) where
by: onew/ 663w / pg-16

They're not made for Paris

5,in whine is truth
by: luvmeanddespair/ r

Changmin makes a decision about his feelings and tries to stick with it.

6,freedom (the price of war)I,II
by: bellasurus/ r / au / 16816w

Junsu returns from the war unscathed except for his soul.

7,when we'll be together
by: xiahtic/ pg-13

There's a funeral and everyone cries. Changmin cries but he doesn't grieve because grieving means Junsu isn't coming back.

8,[not] love
by: akaxiah/ pg

Changmin feels that his world is so small.

9,apocalypse / the Christmas lights scene: On the Verge of Something Wonderful
by: thevignette/ pg-13

Changmin has a lover. His name is Junsu, and he has the most beautiful smile Changmin has ever seen.

10,Love Quarrel
by: ukeyunho/ g / fluff / drabble

Changmin loves teasing Junsu, almost as much as he loves him

by: thevignette/ pg-13

if I love you hard enough,

by: thevignette/ pg-13 / 1360w

Changmin stands by the bed, wide awake, sleepless and filled to the brim with a desire he has never known until now -

(until Junsu).

13,Words / Epilogue
by: dokssuri/ pg-13 / angst

Changmin misses Junsu, but he never uses the words.

by: lo_anlurui/ r

“There’s that silly pick-up line about parallel versus intersecting lines,” Junsu avers after a pause. “Something about I’d rather we be parallel lines so we can walk alongside each other for the rest of our lives…oh, we’re here.”

15,The Shadows Grow Longer
by: teyahtimeay/ r / au

Changmin grows up enough to realize Junsu wants one thing and one thing only from him - his death.


16,two plus two (makes three ninety seven)
by: cosmicanomaly/ g

You don’t know what he’s thinking.

And it pisses you off.

17,rise and fall, climax and crash
by: teukiesu/ 6598w / pg-13 / bandfic / angst

When Junsu meets Changmin, all he has to his name are long legs and awkward, stiff movements. When Junsu leaves Changmin, he's strong, in control, and most of all, he doesn't need Junsu anymore.

18,I'll Tell You Tomorrow
by: itsplashes/ 2901w / pg

“Jun-chan, Jun-chan, Jun-chan,” Changmin says, thoroughly enjoying himself.

“Stop it,” Junsu says heatedly, crossing his arms across his chest. And there it is. That pout.

19,Moonlight Sonata
by: mearii87/ r / ~27500w

“Take care of me,” Junsu murmurs, and he’s not just talking about being mated. It’s not just about Junsu’s fingers digging into Changmin’s skin and his lips at the edge of Changmin’s jaw and his cock pressing hard against Changmin’s thigh. It’s about promises that will last them an eternity.

“Always,” Changmin promises, “Always, Kim Junsu. Always, always, always.”


by: cosmicanomaly/ r / ~27500w

Changmin's fascination with Junsu starts a few days after the elder takes up yoga.


21, First Love
by: itsplashes/ pg-13 / romance / comedy /4092w

The first time Changmin fell in love, he counted two hundred days until his heart stopped pounding like a trapped bird humming inside his chest.

22,It's You
by: the_lost_melody/ pg-13 /romance / drama

unsu is an eighteen year old teen who thinks his life is just too boring. Ever since his best friend left the country and he stayed behind, nothing new seems to happen. That is until is friend, Seung Ri, forces him to go on a double date and by chance he meets someone who might make his life fun again.

23,Desserts is Stressed Spelled Backwards
by: magalix3/ romance / drabble / fluff / g

“These textbooks aren’t allowed, so if I help you study, you have to promise to never bring them back. This is a stress free zone.”

by: butterflyweb/ nc-17

When the board's stacked against you, sometimes you have to settle for meeting in the middle.

25, Golden Rule
by: sharl/ pg to nc-17

In order to defend against the darkness that was spreading recently, Junsu as the Second Prince from the Kingdom of Sevaecia would have a political marriage with the First Prince from the Kingdom of Cardonna. But the task might prove harder than he thought.

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