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[Yunjae] Memmed Fic List

"I would like one that is a good cook"

"I am a good cook"


"I would like her to have straight hair"

"My hair is really straight"



1.stardust from yesterday
by: pikasu/ pg-13 / romance / oneshot / au

There is something a little off about Jaejoong that draws Yunho towards him. Jaejoong's eyes are lost, and Yunho wants to find them. But will he lose himself before that happens instead?

2.these hands are shaking
by: nocturnes/ r / 3121w

Yunho realizes that he is in love, but that doesn't make it any easier.

3.a world apart
by: all_nostalgia/ g / oneshot / au

Yunho was wearing the beanie he gave him two Christmases ago. He was chasing after their five year old son, Yoochun. Running around the living room with a present in hand, one he believed was from Santa Claus. Junsu, he had always been that behaved little boy who just sat and listened to his parents. And Changmin, taking his unstable steps along the carpet and around the center table.

4.lights go on again (Jaejoong) /love is over (Yunho)
by: all_nostalgia/ angst, romance / twoshot / some jaemin / au

We were pretty okay despite the fact we used to be lovers. I haven’t totally moved on honestly but I was too understanding to force him to get back with me and he knew that.

5.we are drenched in our silence
by: retroject/ pg / 270w

After a while, you learn how to speak without words and with motions, gestures and expressions instead; visual overtaking audio.

6.forever; and one day (i) ~ (ii)
by: imie youngwoong/ nc-17 / slash, angst / au / side yoosu / 16520w

Yunho was a lost soul, until he met a beautiful stranger at the train station. What could have been a chance meeting turned out to be the start of the greatest love he had ever had – blood and tears combined.

7.in the worlds that we crossed
by: bemistaken/ pg-13 / romance / ot5 / futuristic/au-ish / deleted

was it the future? was it the way it could have been if they weren’t Dong Bang Shin Ki, gods of the rising east? could it have been real? could this nightmare without jaejoong’s love, junsu’s laughter, changmin’s warmth and yoochun’s smile ever be considered a life?

8.and this is (yunho's pov) what it is(jaejoong's pov)
by: fibres & by: latenightchai / romance, angst / pg-13 / 7241w yh / 12151w jj

Being the one who waited has always been a painful thing. Yunho had just never known it.

9.this is happiness (just kidding)
by: florentineeggs/ pg / angst / 1485w

10.choux pastry heart
by: quirke/ angst / oneshot / locked

Jaejoong wakes up one morning and forgets how to read.

by: sugarfrosting/ pg-13 / oneshot

Yunho’s eyes are wide when he pulls away, face flushed by more than the alcohol. Jaejoong wonders if Yunho’s going to hit him.

“You’re good at this,” Yunho breathes, voice wondering, and Jaejoong laughs.

12.nietzsche is dead
by: unlearned/ 1478w

Yunho hits the ceiling.

13.vanilla latte
by: oh_thexirony/ pg / romance / oneshot / au

Yunho has his favourite barista.

14.pandora's box
by: twhitesakura/ g / 150w / flashfic

Yunho goes through his attic.

15.love spectacle
by: quirke/ fluff / oneshot

Jaejoong looks up, dazed. He sees Yunho. Tight singlet. Parted lips. Black-framed glasses. And stars.

16.hold me high, kiss me low
by: blurmeese/ nc-17 / angst / 749w

You pass him in the hallway on the very last night, 11pm shadows of an emptying house filling the carved hollows of his face when he blocks your path at the very last minute.

17.melody of ours
by: sekushiai/ pg-13 / romance, angst / oneshot

Yunho met whimsical, slightly eccentric Jaejoong at the park. And with each photograph, he fell a little more in love.

18.glory days
by: sekushiai/ pg / romance, angst / oneshot

Yunho had it all, but somewhere along the way, they fucked it up.

19.collapsing logic (1), (2), (3)
by: ko_bands/ nc-17 / 22494w

Yunho's death was everyone's fault, he knew, but no one could deny that he played the biggest part in causing it. If it wasn't for his own stupid mistakes, piling one after another into some irreversible mess, there was a possibility that they could have had a happy ending. Oh, well. No one could say that Jaejoong didn't try.

by: tu_es_mi_amour/ g / oneshot

A mezzanine is the level between the first and second floor. Except Jaejoong doesn’t have a second floor.

21.ganster wife
by: obscureauthor/ 1025w

Monday morning Yunho loses his memory,

22.never let me go
by: sekushiai/ pg-13 / angst / oneshot

Is it too much to ask, to want Jaejoong to linger a little longer?

23.our years before (part i)/(part ii)
by: textparade & livesmiling/

Everyone wants to be somebody, but what happens if all that glimmer was only in the chase?

24.blackout/ i'm only getting started/ we'll die for this
by: magalix3/ r / angst

Yunho doesn’t even know what to say. He greets Jaejoong with something of a hug, awkward with one arm and a pat on his back, and steps away.

by: all_nostalgia/ pg / romance

“What’s wrong with us?” Jaejoong asks. And that is the difference, he doesn’t blame Yunho, he accepts that maybe part of it is his fault too. He just needed to know what.


26.Last Of The Great Lovers
by: lunacrescent/ 3600 / pg

Jaejoong makes sure to get flat-out, knock-down, piss-ass drunk on New Year's, but he still remembers with cruel and ironic clarity the day Yunho got married.

by: magalix3/ nc-17

The first thing Yunho noticed was the boy’s clear, dark eyes. He wasn’t high like most teenaged costumers at this time, which was a relief to Yunho. And his long-sleeved V-neck and skinny jeans wouldn’t be able to conceal anything that could prove as a weapon. He looked too fragile, pale skin and dainty hands, long black hair and dangling earrings. He looked like a doll, almost, a very pretty doll.

28. what our eyes don't see
by: magalix3/ r / angst / romance

“I’m the patient from room 538.” He offers his hand and isn’t all surprised when Yunho is hesitant about touching him. “Kim Jaejoong, and I’ve been in a coma for almost six years.”

29.apartment 1509 . pause, play, rewind, forward
by: countingcarbs/ pg / angst

"hello, ajumma," she says and wraps your shawl around you, in a way you soon become familiar with. "this is yunho."

you nod, blindly reaching to touch his cheek. "ah, this one's a keeper." you say, and they both laugh, exchanging secret smiles and glances.

by: twhitesakura/ 200 / g / au

The noise calls to Jaejoong in a way it does not to other merfolk.

31.Call of Winter
by: little_passions/ nc-17 / romance / drama / angst / fantasy

Despite the unforgiving circumstances and the harsh frost, their love would bloom.

32.post-it Love
by: blurmeese/ pg / angst / 1146

The fact that you have to wash your own damn plates now doesn’t mean I love you any less.

33.愛の事 (Ai no Koto/Things about Love): 見えない事 (Mienai Koto) / 言わない事 (Iwanai Koto) [1A] , [1B]/ 完全な事 (Kanzen na Koto) / 信じている事 (Shinjiteiru Koto)
by: little_passions/ nc-17 / romance / historical / drama

“How long have we known each other?” Yunho asked as he slowly began to walk in a different direction, prompting Jaejoong to go and follow him.

Jaejoong thought for a few seconds, “I would say four months. Why?”

“Can a lot change in four months?”

“Flowers bloom and die in four months.” Jaejoong answered as soon as Yunho stopped walking and turned to face him.

34.of jerks and divas / of broken nails and sore butts
by: chocolick/ au / romance

For instance , you kissing me. Now before you open that god forsaken mouth of yours and ramble nonsense (do you realize the amount of crap you talk in day? It’s annoying, seriously it is)

35.minutes to eternity
by: xiahtic/ g


"Yunho-yah, let's go to the Eiffel Tower. Just the two of us."

36.Sleeping With Ghosts
by: hattukissa/ nc-17 / romance

"Do you want to give me a ride?" the young man asked, his voice soft and breathy, clearly implying on something completely different than driving.

37. He Believes in Me
by: kingheechul/ pg-13 / angst / romance

Everyday he lives in fear that Jaejoong has had enough of the life he’s giving him but apparently, he has nothing to worry about.

38.sounds like love
by: loveclouds/ pg-13

jaejoong's tired of plugging headphones into his heart and hearing nothing but static.

39. Bitter Candy /Reality Check /Denial
by: kitsuneyujji/ pg /angst

After the filming of Dangerous Love, Changmin has questions.

40.How to Save a Life
by: vampiremadonna/ pg-13 / friendship

Jae is a delinquent, Yunho is a handicapped youth. Can this unlikely duo find some common ground?


41.Lover's Spit: Yoochun | Junsu | Changmin
by: wynnetimate/ r / drama / angst

Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin discover that the relationship between their oldest members is more than it seems.

42.We Come Right Around
by: waterpulse/ canon aun / angst

“If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?”

43.Full Circle
by: deathbyaccident/ pg-13 / 7 chapters

For Jae Joong, it all started when he found a son. For Yunho, it all started when he lost his. The question is, what the ending will be for both.

44.there's trouble in me, and you know it
by: lilxinyue/ pg-13 / angst

Sometimes, there are times like this when I come home and it looks like his head is to the ground and the world upon his shoulders. And then, sometimes, i just can't tell what Jaejoong is or what he is feeling.

45.Through the Fisheye , II

by: orionsroad/ pg / angst / fluff

“Do you need a lift?” The low voice coming from behind me startled me - I hadn’t heard anyone approach in my intent focus on the empty space before me. I’m sure my look of stupefaction and disbelief must have been very complimentary, for I couldn’t get the expression off my face, even as I turned to see that the person who had spoken was none other then Jaejoong.

46. Fucked
by: jaejoong_ssi/ pg-13 / romance

--but looking back, maybe, having a fucked up life wasn't so bad.

You just have to choose the best person to live with your fucked up life.


47.The Prince in Prague
by: orionsroad/ pg-13 / 3953w

You leave the hotel hand in hand, and nobody blinks an eye. What a wonderful day it is, you think, stepping out into the sun and looking up at the clear blue sky above and then down at the man by your side. Jaejoong gives you a smile, and you feel like the world is at your feet.

48.The Longest Night , II , III
for: jaeho_xchange's 2012 exchange/ r / au / 25122w

“Oh.” Every other token Jaejoong had ever seen had been a miniature. Each one, even within the same profession, was unique to the individual, handcrafted and original. But each one also held a similarity to the others of its kind, something that connected its own to every other that had come before.

All of which only made opening his box to find a rose in bloom that much more unusual. He touched it, his fingers running across the cherry-red petals before he could stop himself, expecting an exquisitely done wax carving or ceramic, but the petals gave under his touch, like fine silk, and Jaejoong jerked his hand back. It was real.

49. 10 months in your year
by: oh_thexirony/ angst / fluff / pg-13

Is there anyone special in your life Mr Jung?

Yes. Yes there is. Come back soon, I miss you.

50.Dreams Of Flight , II, III
for: jaeho_xchange's 2012 exchange / pg-13 to nc-17 / drama, romance, angst

"So, is this your idea of a date?”

Yunho looked up, and he raised an eyebrow at the bar keeper. He sat up and looked at Jaejoong, “I wasn’t aware that we were on one.”

“Good, because if your idea of a date was bringing Changmin over and making me take care of him while you drank beer, then I don’t think we’d work out.” Jaejoong replied smoothly as he took the seat across Yunho. He leaned across the table and fluttered his eyelashes, “So, when will we be going on our actual date?”

51.Glass Houses
by: itsplashes/ pg-13 / angst, romance / 3215w

(What's this, what's this, what are we? Dark eyes, wide eyes looking into his soul in the dim light.

We’re friends.



52.All I've Got
by: dashboarding/ pg-13

Entry 1,251

Jaejoong-ah. I really don’t understand all of this. She was perfect for you. She was beautiful, she was energetic, she was everything you ever regurgitated in an interview. You were planning to travel the world together. You were attached at the hip and irrevocably in love with her.

I don’t understand how anyone could give you up.

53.Dust Off The Sun
by: mearii87/ fluff, humor, romance / + minsu

Rock God’s wearing skinny jeans that leave little to Yunho’s imagination and a sweater that shows a collarbone Yunho would really like to trace with his tongue, thank you very much.

54.The Perks of Being a Sunflower
by: yunjae_mochichi/ nc-17 / drama, romance

“Yunho doesn’t want anyone to know”


“Because he’s scared.... Listen Chun, I need you to promise me that you’re not gonna say anything to anyone about me and Yunho. This has to be our little secret. Okay?”

“Our little secret. Okay. ”


55.Trains, Books and Strangers
by: tvfxq/ pg-13 / romance

Somewhere in the midst of train rides, thick books and stolen glances, Yunho falls in love.

56. 약속했던 그때에 (Always There)
for: jaeho_xchange/ pg-13 / au / angst / romance


He almost says it outloud when he first meets the man, but he manages to stop himself.

It was Kim Jaejoong but not. The man was blonde with large eyes of some light blue. He had some Asian blood in him but he explains that now a days, everyone was mixed with a bit of everything and shrugs.

by: aquariuslover/ a n g s t / drama

Yunho continued to smile brightly as he greeted the crowd, “I am so glad we could be here today. It’s a great honor for…” Yunho stopped as he noticed a girl in the crowd holding what appeared to be a gun. He watched as she smiled wickedly, lifted her arm and aimed for Changmin who stood beside him, like always. He didn’t even have time to think as his lightning quick reflexes took over and he instinctively leaped for Changmin, knocking him to the floor. Relief flooded Yunho, knowing Changmin was unharmed, and then his world went black.

58. Forbidden
by: vampiremadonna/ nc-17

Jaejoong is concerned about the attention his sister is receiving from a dangerous man but he isn't in any position to take care of it himself so he turns to the king. However, the King, Jung Yunho, presents unforeseen complications...

59. Handsome and Gentle
for: dbsk_secretgame/ pg-13 / ~15000 w / au / romance / drama

While looking for Jaejoong in the woods, Yunho discovers things about his boyfriend that make him view their relationship in a new light.

60.The Nightingale
by: mary_jane_025/ au / drama/ fantasy / pg-13

King Yunho of Korea has something beautiful in his gardens, but what happens when you take something beautiful and change its settings? And sometimes artificial beauty is just not the same.

61. Reduced Horizon , Gashiyeon (Thorn lily) & Fox's Craddle
by: Maio / translated by: honeyiceblend, happy_colour & potecchi/ m / angst / drama

I watched him move over to the seat a friend seemed to have reserved for him and for a moment, time seemed to stop. The whole world narrowed down to just him. I turned away but his image remained etched in my mind. It was like looking at the sun. I knew I wouldn’t be able to recover for a long time.

Then I looked at him again.

The first time, I got mesmerized by his doe shaped eyes.

The second time,It was the colour of his skin. Unforgettable.

The third time …

Fuck it, he wasn’t just good looking, he was fucking beautiful.


62.Fleeting Memories
by: yunhore/ pg

The invitation is the same colour and printed on it is the same gold lettering.

His stomach twists and his chest feels heavy.

"You've been cordially invited to attend the wedding of Jung Yunho and…"

63.Bubbly Shotgun
by: quirke

All married couples fight. Yunho and Jaejoong aren't any exception.

64. The Oak Tree
for: jaeho_xchange/ au / angst / nc17 / 4105w

It was a cold day in September when Yunho came home from work to a sight that would haunt him for the rest of his life. Time seemed to stop when he stepped on the brakes, his breath hitching in his throat, his hands gripping the stirring wheel, and as he slowly opened the door and stepped out of his expensive car, taking in the horrifying sight in front of him, he didn’t know how he would ever get that picture out of his head. The picture of the man he loved hanging on the oak tree.

by: little_passions/ nc17 / romance / fantasy

“I’m back.”

Familiar warmth enveloped him – it was like the darkness was embracing him, and Jaejoong felt at home.

66.Always and Forever
by: miss_sanzo/ pg13

There was something pleasant about the tall brunette man on the TV, both his appearance and his voice.


67. happiness is a warm gun
by: 52016y/ pg-13 / au / romance / friendship

But Jaejoong is 15 years old some days before Yunho is and Yunho is bitter.

68.The Interview
by: chocolick/ au / romnce

Q: A model and a chef? That is quite a match there

Yunho: (laughs) we have been told that before, people do tend to question our match because of our professions and they seem to curious about it too.

Jaejoong: honestly I never thought I did marry a model, I’m not saying it is bad, (laughs) but I never thought I would actually marry a model

69.sound off
by: preorder/ pg

They hit it off right away. They’re on a first-name basis by the end of the second week and their director couldn’t be happier with the way their chemistry off-screen translates on-screen.

70.and maybe it was-
by: xiahtic/ r

Jaejoong watches her dance with Junsu and his eyes get real dark, like they used to when you'd run your tongue over his piercing, when you'd tug at it with your teeth and he'd moan and moan. He looks at you and you look at him and it's like the world falls away, only you and Jaejoong and the bass. Jaejoong smiles and licks his lips and tugs you in, come keep me company while I smoke, Yunho, and you can't refuse him. Even if you just don't fucking care, it's Jaejoong and you've never been able to tell him no.

71.All I've got
by: mearii87/ pg-13 / romance / angst

Jaejoong's wife files for divorce and he loses everything he has to her. Yunho picks up the pieces and attempts to put back together the friend he secretly loves.

by: pazz_and_jop/ g / 473w

Yunho wants very badly to make Jaejoong happy. But, every once and a while, he fails.

73.Eyes On You
by: little_passions/ pg-13 / romance / fluff

Yunho leaned back into his seat and noticed the other boy out of the corner of his eye. He turned his head to get a better view of him and observed him from his seat. It was obvious he wasn’t the only person whose attention was stolen by the handsome commuter. He was however, the only male in the train who seemed to be paying attention to his presence.

74.Over the Moon
by: gold_ink (Guu)/ nc-17 / au / 32984w

He remembers dreaming about coming to Seoul to be a dancer when he was younger. He'd become a singer, and a dancer, and he'd be big. Bigger than any Korean celebrity had ever been.

75.#77. Drunk [100 YunJae Moments]
by: taeminnie/ pg-13 / fluff / cheese

“Oh my god. Oh my god guys. IT IS YUNHO!” Jaejoong calls out and there are some shouts from behind him, but he ignores them because it’s Yunho. And he could give a fuck about the world as long as it’s Yunho on the other line. Everybody else may hate him, but Jaejoong can’t. He’s tried.

by: countingcr0ws/ au / pg

I first met Jaejoong in the rain.

77.What Love Smells Like
by: shriya_4/ fluff / romance

In a world where people can smell emotions, Yunho doesn't know what love smells like. Until he does.

78.Don't Go Where I Can't Follow
by: chouxchan/ angst / romance

As written in Yunho's journal, found by his brother when cleaning out his apartment.

79.Butterfly's sleep
by: spokes_man/ AU / horror / action / romance / humor(?) / pg-13 ~ nc-17

He woke up and found himself in the middle of what looked like the apocalypse. His only survival posibility: to team up with Kim Jaejoong, the soldier.

by: mcarol85/ au / romance / m

Junsu on a music program for his latest hit song.

81.The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of
by: mearii87/ 7000w / band!fic / romance / pg-13

Yunho corners Jaejoong in a dressing room. It’s the start of something new.

82.Paper Lies
by: countingcr0ws/ pg / romance

Jaejoong's on a quest to find his ideal girlfriend while he engages Yunho on the side for personal entertainment.

83.Au Soleil
by: yukimiya87/ pg-13 / fluff / romance / au / 8000w

Kim JaeJoong is a chef who treats food with passion and love. Hired to work in a famous hotel restaurant called Au Soleil as the new assistant chef to the notorious head chef, Jung YunHo; he is then submerged into the trivialities of jealousy and deception.

84.Sunrise, Sunset
by: taemun/ romance / fluff / pg-13

How do you describe a beautiful sunrise to a blind person?

85.With You
by: little_passions/ pg-13 / romance

From falling in love to getting out of the friend zone, a lot can happen in one year.

by: broken_ephemera/ pg

Yunho has no idea what drew his eyes to said man, and what about said man sent his mind back to him in the seconds their buses spend at the obstructing red of the traffic light. Maybe it is the fact that he isn’t an office worker – he can’t be, the v-necked knit top and tattered denim jeans easily giving him away. Yunho smirks at the thought of wearing that to the office – you can’t even wear that to the office on a smart-casual Friday.

by: quirke/

Pain enters your lungs instead of air. Your eyes fly open, and you see him, his skin blue against the soft teal of sunlight in salt water. You have to act like you want to be here. The last of those words echo in your head as you watch him, hair curling gently against high cheekbones as precious air escapes his rosy lips in bubbles. There’s nothing in your lungs, you realize, as your eyes flutter -

by: aquariuslover/ ft. kyuwook + others / sixteen adventures

Jaejoong broke free of Yunho’s mind…Yunho was too tempting. He was wonderful in all the ways Jaejoong enjoyed. Yunho wasn’t perfect by any means but he always tried his best. He was heroic and good….and yet he could be terribly stubborn. Jaejoong knew he could spend his life with this man. Jaejoong turned around in Yunho’s arms until he was looking up at him. Yunho was very handsome too. Yunho had no idea what Jaejoong was…he did not save him for any other reason than because he needed saving.

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