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[JaeChun] Memmed Fic List

"Like melody and harmony in love."


*= locked.


1,articulating distance
by: nocturnes/ pg / 1165w / au

Yoochun collects photographs of boats.

by: be_ddelusionall/ r

Jaejoong has called Yoochun again, woke him up in the middle of the night. Yoochun is used to it, but this time things are different.

3,come find me (this is a roadmap to me and you)
by: nocturnes/ pg / 1419w

I drew a map from me to you on the backs of your hands.

4,when icarus had wings
by: nocturnes/ pg / 1624w

If I fell, you would…

5,Shades of Grey I , II
by: ephemeral_blue/ r

Yoochun and Changmin think they're cheating and find comfort in friendship.

6,(Maybe You'll) Come Back to Me
by: chikichikichuu/ 1299w / au / g / *

Jaejoong's heart has been wrecked by someone else. Yoochun is just the friend.

7,off book stores and word vomit
by: maskyouwear/ 5335w / nc-17 / with homin

Jaejoong literally falls into Yoochun’s life.

last updated: 22062013

Tags: fandom: tvxq, memmed
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