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[2U] Memmed Fic List

"If we keep like this our jobs is going to end like this"



by: addandsubtract/ r

You walk to the liquor cabinet, pour yourself some scotch.

2.requiem of winter days (1),(2)
by: darkcupcakes/ pg-13 / 14197w

Yunho goes back into his souvenirs and relates the story of how he met Yoochun, how he came to lose him and how life sometimes as a funny way of making you believe that everything is interconnected, and that it might be possible that everything happens for a reason, whether you ever end up knowing what that reason is or not.

3.let me settle my war
by: yousohasian/pg-13 / angst

Let's spend a day with Yunho and Yoochun.

4.away from hell, into heaven
by: maafkandaku/ continuation verse of let me settle my war

yoochun knows, he knows.

5.Misunderstood I , II
by: little_bibelot/ au / drama

To Yunho, eight years was never too long. Until now.


by: ichigotabetai/ supernatural / 1492w

Flames consumed him again, as they had done over the years when he said those words. First at eighteen and every time since. When he had recovered, the Keeper was gone. No matter, Yunho wiped his mouth. He had to try again. Freedom.

7. Tiger on a Gold Leash
by: ichigotabetai/ 3937w / r

He looked around, and there, even in the glare of the lights, Yunho could make out his silhouette. His number one fan. Yunho couldn’t remember when he had begun to notice his presence – a single male fan amongst all the girls clamouring for his attention. Especially this male fan – who didn’t jump, shout, or turn hysterical. He always stood, hands in his jacket pocket, and stood calmly watching.

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