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[YooMin ] Memmed Fic List

"The question was what you think of the other person."

"Nicely cooked food..."



by: gompi/ romance, angst / pg-13

"They're close” he whispers, “Possibly a mile or two."

2for every life you've lived (1),(2),(3)
by: blumersee/ pg-13 / fluff, angst / 20124w

“Goodbye, Shim Changmin,” Yoochun says under his breath and lays the last strip of paper down, leading the flames to the wooden door.

3straberry fields
by: ephemeral_blue/ pg / drama, romance, angst / oneshot

Changmin makes Yoochun's heart bleed

4catharsis (or, what winter means)
by: thevignette/ pg-13 / 5689w / au

A love story, interspersed by scenes that are snapshots of Yoochun and Changmin's lives together.

by: florentineeggs/ pg / au / 4224w

when he goes to bed, the sun is just about to come up. the sky is full of colours, the warm kind, all purple and orange and pink.

6for a while
by: holdmetightx/ nc-17 / 3934w / au

It's starts just like everything in Yoochun's life seems to start, a mistake.

by: drugsex/ g / 150w

when a heart breaks, it doesn't break into equal pieces, yoochun says.

by: drugsex/ r / au / 8385w

he spills his drink on the arm of changmin's new silk shirt and his own scuffed shoes.

9to sleep, perchance to dream
by: thevignette/ pg-13

Changmin gets visits from four of his friends.

10love in the first degree/the heartbeat of rain
by: thevignette/ pg-13

Changmin vacates his seat and although he is the one leaving, his heart is the one being broken.

11imaginary orbits
by: thevignette/ pg-13 / 1003w

the truth is that you have ruined me for anyone else.

12arrival, departure
by: thevignette/ pg-13

Yoochun does not remember Changmin, but Changmin remembers Yoochun. He also remembers what happened the night of the accident.

13Of Two Stars and the Milky Way
by: azurehook/ pg / au

Could you walk through dreams to find...

14 The Midnight Snack Club
by: teyahtimeay/ g

Yoochun can't sleep and Changmin loves eating, so they spend every other night taste testing Yoochun's adventurous cooking concoctions.

by: yeoboseyo/ pg-13

Yoochun gave each of them a small card. Inside each was a small note that read, "I've made you something and put it in a place where I think you go often. - Yoochun".

16more than words
by: xiahtic/ r / au

Changmin begins to lose his sight when he's eight years old, and becomes fully blind at the age of ten.

17At World's Edge
by: little_bibelot/ au / 3791w

While embarking on a transnational journey to find his girlfriend, Changmin's path is intercepted by overly curious flight attendant Park Yoochun.

18River of Heaven
by: mearii87/ pg-13 / au / sci-fi

Changmin is sent to a remote space station to oversee the building of his new flagship. It’s long been abandoned since the rebels nearly blew it up, and he arrives unprepared for the station’s people, their way of life, and most of all their leader.


19Reset (or, one hundred days that may or may not have been)
by: _tabris/ r / 5106w

Changmin’s already sitting at the kitchen table when Yoochun comes in for breakfast, half-asleep. When he sits down Changmin gives him a strange look and murmurs “Happy Tuesday. Again.”

20 Speak No Evil
by: fanficaddiction/ pg-13

The world is noisy and everyone seems to say so at least once. Changmin finds he likes the sound of silence.


21Silent Rendezvous
by: imanizzati/ g / romance

The talking was always Yoochun, and it was always random. He carefully avoided serious and sensitive topics, sticking to How can you tell the constellations in the sky and I think Nell is one of the best bands around, and sometimes, I like watching you paint (it’s breathtaking, he wanted to add but didn't, leaving it to die on his tongue instead).

22It's in the little things,
by: imanizzati/ g / fluff / romanceWhen Changmin met Yoochun, there was no rainbow sparkles, nor did Yoochun’s face glow so bright it blinded Changmin.

23me & you (what a feeling!)
by: yunhore/ pg

Changmin slips into Yoochun’s apartment around three in the morning and slides under Yoochun’s blankets; “Wha the fuck?” Yoochun cracks an eye open and spots Changmin making himself comfortable.

“What?” Changmin shrugs. “I don’t wanna go home now.”

“It’s - ugh! Whatever, goodnight.” Yoochun gives up and rolls back to sleep.

2余温 (The Warmth that Lingers)
original by: 大小胡子叽喳喳 translated by: xiaozey/ nc-17 / drama / romance / angst

My name is Park Yoochun.

I’m in love with Shim Changmin.

From what I know – at least in my friend circle – this wasn’t a secret. This friend circle included Shim Changmin.

It was also common knowledge that Shim Changmin didn’t love me.

2 the ways i came home to you
by: imanizzati/ r / angst / romance

You claimed every spot in my house.
Just don’t claim the one in my heart, I begged silently.

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