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[Jaemin] Memmed Fic List

"As much as I love you"

"I'm really scared" ♥.


1-counting down from infinity
by: thevignette/ pg-13 / oneshot

Something flickers in Jaejoong's eyes, and then dulls almost instantly. If it was irritation, Changmin will never know. He prefers to pretend that it is gratitude.

2-fifty sentences
by: thevignette/ pg-13 /

“Is it so easy to forget?” Changmin asks, “If it is, please teach me.”

by: thevignette/ pg-13 / au / oneshot

The intensity of Changmin's gaze in that brief moment is burnt into his mind and the back of his eyelids, a scar.

4-what you don't understand you can make mean anything
by: all_nostalgia/ pg-13 / au / oneshot

The alarm goes off at 8:00 AM.

5-sing a good song
by: mikkyboom/ pg / au / oneshot

the boy strums softly, sings softer, and looks up for just a second. their eyes meet and jaejoong thinks –ah, so this is love.

6-skies that fall down
by: dewberrie/ pg / oneshot

it's never only just the lonely

by: be_ddelusionall/ r / oneshot

Changmin's lived in darkness for three years, but Jaejoong is there to cheer him up.

by: vitiates/ r / drama, angst, tragedy / au

[He wants to say so many things, but there’s only ever silence.]
Where Yunho was the one who found his broken pieces, Jaejoong was the one who couldn’t fix him, and Changmin…Changmin was the one who no one could save.

by: sekushiai/ pg-13 / angst, romance / au

Jaejoong's lost a lot to love but Changmin's determined to teach him how to live again.

10-moments endless
by: mormorando/ g / 379w

What Jaejoong knows as fact and what Changmin thinks as theory is this: that Jaejoong fell for Changmin on the 584th day since their first introduction.

11-hard habit to break
by: mormorando/ r / 507w

It's routine now, when Changmin comes into Jaejoong's room and interrupts him from whatever he's doing to wrestle a kiss from him.

12-the dragon and the sun (1), (2)
by: yulebaifenbai90/ pg-13 / historic, romance

Changmin just shook his head. “My silly Jae. Why would I look for companionship in marriage when I have you already? Don't you know by now that you're the only companion that I will ever need? We're supposed to be filial towards each other until the end.”

pg-13/ drama, romance

Changmin has a secret, Jaejoong endeavors to find out.

14-a better tomorrow
by: Yulebaifenbai90/ pg-13 / angst, romance

With possibly only six months left to live, Changmin enlists the aid of his best friend Jaejoong to help him complete the one thing he wants to do before he dies- fall in love

15-we drive along open highways like this
by: onew/ pg-13 / 1726w

Out of the many stars in the sky, only one shines for each person. Just one.

by: maafkandaku/ r / romance

when it comes to affairs, there’s always a need to draw a line.

17-if I sing you a song, would you sing along?
by: maafkandaku/ pg / angst /

it’s time for us to make a move cause we are asking one another to change / and maybe I’m not ready but I’ll try for your love / we’ve been hiding enough

18-in which changmin is a superstar and jaejoong is his secret lover.
by: jaemint/ g / au / oneshot

Jaejoong waits and listens, but he sees and hears nothing; perhaps maybe a little too late.

by: jaemint/ pg-13 / au / romance /

in which changmin and jaejoong have themselves a little playtime affair when yunho called in to announce that he'll be home late.

by: yassan/ g / au / oneshot

This is Changmin and he's 16 years old. He's watching his math teacher's lips and thinking about what it would taste like, if he kissed a boy.

21-eyes like oceans
by: pikasu/ pg / oneshot

sometimes, it isn't that easy to love something after all. but neither is it that difficult either.

22-breaking the waves (jaejoong's pov) (changmin's pov)
pg-13 / angst, romance / 5662w / 4910w

In which Jaejoong seeks closure in a worn scrapbook of memories and Changmin tries for redemption after five years of silence.

23-somethings, nothings, gibberish,
by: i_am_rolling/ drabble series / pg / fluff

i was waiting for this.

24-better to have loved and lost
by: xiahtic/ r / sequel to this

Changmin doesn't mean to fall in love, because Jaejoong's not his type at all, but he does anyway.

25-the gods of rain
by: thirdonebetween/ pg-13 / 4639w

It is the hottest summer Korea has had in years when Changmin finds Jaejoong again.

by: boomtrack/ nc-17

Changmin has a crush and Jaejoong indulges.


27-A Firecracker Sort of Love
by: beautifulburn/ 1115 / pg

"All I wanted was a sparkling love, a love that burns everything to the ground and leaves behind just the two of us. Why is that hard?" he mutters.

28- A Home for Us
by: beautifulburn/ 2055 / pg

The first snow is falling and you can feel the distance between you and him grow even bigger.

29-(I want to return to you) a reason to be here
by: lunacrescent/

There's something wrong about being ambushed with camera flashes when they're not working, especially in the privacy of their own home. But of course, no one bothers to tell Jaejoong that.

30- Mismatched, 1.5 , 2
by: little_bibelot/ au / romance

Changmin's life takes an unexpected turn when he falls in love.

31-The story has just begun
by: asukasukisu/ 5228 / mpreg / r / drama

Having a baby was never an option for Jaejoong. So, what will he do when he is blessed with one?

32-all that glitters
by: sugarfrosting/ pg-13

One day Jaejoong wakes up and remembers nothing at all.

33- Ours to Protect
by: magalix3/ romance / drama / angst / r

Changmin isn’t stupid. He may have been the quiet nerd, but he knows when someone is attracted to someone else. He takes the lack of cigarette and alcohol smell the first hint. He takes the open gestures and constant smiles another hint. He can also tell that the way Jaejoong hides his smile behind the back of his hand that he’s shy, despite his out-going personality.
He can tell by the way Jaejoong’s hand hovers around his before pulling away that Jaejoong is nervous; this is the first time he’s serious about something.

34-eyes on fire.
by: bluedveins/ 837 / pg-13

it's him who has to do it. if not, it's someone else. the job gets done either way.

35-This is not a white lie
by: thevignette/ 200

“I wish,” Jaejoong’s voice cracks. He clears his throat, Changmin holds his breath. “I wish you weren’t you.”

36- Texts From Last Night 1a, 1b
by: magalix3/ romance / humor / nc-17


by: leprixx/ au

jaejoong is a writer. life writes itself.

38- More Than The Air I Breathe
by: waterpulse/ nc-17 / mild angst

In which Changmin is the wide-eyed rising star behind the camera and Jaejoong is the cynical model in front of it.

by: evangellie/ g / 137w

It was just too much...
the scent.
the sight.
the feeling.

40- Uncomfortable
by: evangellie/ fluff / g / 281w

"I am your Hyung! You have to respect me!"

"You are on my lap. My being the key word. So my rules."

41- attention / trouble & banana
by: evangellie/ 324w / g / gen

attention: "This moment deserves your full attention, for it will not pass your way again."

42-Random question, Sleepy answer
by: evangellie/ 573w / fluff

"New memories."


"I want new memories for my birthday."

by: evangellie/ r / angst / 1048w

He was born deaf and mute. But it didn't bother him; he had sign language and could read books to his heart's content.. Moreover, how could he miss something he never had in the first place?

Or so he thought until meeting him, until losing everything, until the world didn't make any sense anymore.

44- All That's Left of Us
by: magalix3/ drama / romance / pg-13

“Jaejoong?” Changmin reads softly after a confused silence.

The sound of his own name chokes him. He looks the doctor in the eyes and thinks, if is what promise and hope looks like…

45- the sound of art
by: xiahtic/ pg-13

Changmin had just turned eighteen when he moved to New York, full of hopes and dreams and everything young adults are made of.

46- the process of love.
by: firelights/ pg / romance / angst

He wonders what Jaejoong’s laugh would sound like, and when he looks at Jaejoong again - and again, and again - for some reason, he wonders what kind of beauty Jaejoong’s voice would hold if he sang, and if it would be as delicate as his face or as gentle as his words or as painful and empty as his eyes.

47-Plunging Downwards
by: virdant/ r / 430w

For theirs is a violent love.


48-the boys i mean are not refined.
by: sleepish/ 677w

shim changmin does see him. jaejoong scrambles back around. "he's coming over here he's coming over here hurry act like we're talking intelligently."

"so," yoochun starts, "global warming."

"it's getting warmer," jaejoong says, lamely. "across the globe."

49-Four Seasons
by: sum3r/ pg to nc-17 / romance, fluff

“Now, now, Changmin, be nice and give the crayon to Jaejoong. Jaejoong, ask Changmin by saying the word ‘please.’”

Jaejoong turned his head away, puffing out his cheeks as he gripped his unfinished drawing. Changmin was sitting on the floor, legs spread wide as he was bent over, scribbling away with the red crayon.

50-Leave The World Behind
by: aidrocsid_eris

There’s a moment of stunned silence before Changmin abruptly pulls himself up and hoists Jaejoong to his feet as well. “Sorry,” he says easily, as if Jaejoong wasn’t at fault, and their hands touch for a second too long.

51- All Rise
by: vitiates/ 10376w / pg-13 to r / drama, romance, angst, tragedy

None of them believe in Justice.

But Changmin is new and his eyes are bright and feverish with the light that comes from sweet innocence. It seems to radiate from his very heart.

52-T for Trace
by: thevignette/ pg-13

“Did you have a nightmare?” Changmin props his head up with a hand and uses his free hand to prod at Jaejoong until he stirs.

Jaejoong’s eyes flutter open like the coming of spring (just equally beautiful), and he reaches a hand to brush the side of Changmin’s jaw fleetingly. “I dreamt that the door to your heart was starting to close.”

53- Tell my love the secret I have died to keep
by: thevignette/ pg-13

You told me it was perfectly safe to fall in love, so long as you resisted the side-effects, but you never taught me how to

54- Undone
by: _tabris & vitiates/ 3216+3265w / pg-13

Changmin. His name is soft on your lips and he turns, blinking more than necessary. You pretend not to notice. Here. You throw the water bottle by your side into his hands and look away as he struggles to twist open the cap with shaking fingers. It's not your place to watch him in his moment of weakness.


by: beautifulburn / pg / 330w / a n g s t

Maybe they were things that he was trying to tell you.

All chances, soundless words that you could have read.

Did you choose to ignore them? Were they too much for your little heart to take?

56- B-11-3A
by: blurmeese / 7535w / angst / pg-13

He lies for hours in the sun and tries to remember how it used to feel like to be warm.

by: unlearned / 865w /

Reciprocation has become a habit. He thinks about psychology and chemical equations until Jaejoong fits his fingers into the spaces between his, then he forgets to think at all.

58- Articulating Distance
by: thevignette / pg-13 / 1779w

Changmin fell for Jaejoong's lack of predictability, his desire for freedom, the way he's forever full of surprises, the way he's both a dreamer and a realist, and his heartbreakingly beautiful voice.

59- Shooting Vampires in the (...) Face
by: awoken / incomplete / r / au

He shrugged, smiling in a gentle sort of way, only showing off the very tips of his fangs. I supposed they weren't that hideous. Maybe. "You're... different," he said, after a pause. "With most humans, I want to rip them apart after spending only twenty minutes with them." I remembered, vividly, being up on the rafters with Jaejoong, trying to align all the spotlights properly. We had to have been up there for nearly two hours an afternoon earlier this week alone. "You, though," he continued, musingly, "you aren't so bad."

60- Forever's Not Enough ( all chapters )
by: lil_pinai / pg / angst

Jaejoong and Changmin have always been together. Even though Jae's with someone else, Changmin accepts it and he's ready to move on with his life, but one accident may bring more than just suffering to the two drifting friends.


61-If The Shoe Fits
by: onew / 2277w / pg13 /

Jaejoong is fond of surprises, except the ones in which he foresees himself failing miserably and falling hard.

62-Every Good Thing
by: vhii1217 / pg13 / supernatural / fantasy

So he decided. He would go to look for an absolute ‘good thing’ that created ‘happiness’. With that ‘happiness’, he would fill the emptiness in his heart and move on.

63-And Then there Were Four...
by: sahbel / pg13 / 1843w

"I fell off a building."


64- Yearning
by: yakuso5u / g / slight angst / romance

You're always like that, hiding those things that are important me in that place that's always the same. So today, I'll go there first and wait for you...

65- back to seoul
by: firelights / g / au / 2400w

Jaejoong's a musician, a singer, and one of his favourite jobs is playing piano in a jazz club two streets away from Changmin's house.

66-Empirical Knowledge
by: jaejoong / pg-13 / drama / romance

Kim Jaejoong is a genius. However with a partner that is increasingly distant, a life that is increasingly boring, an evil French professor, and a student that he may or may not have a crush on, being a genius doesn't seem so great after all.

67- When all other lights go out.
by: rennie_88 / fantasy / angst

He dared to go to the place where stars fell, all for a single wish.

68- Maps
by: awoken / r / i n c o m p l e t e

"Shit," he whined, as Changmin's teeth closed down sharply on his flesh. "Come home with me now?"

"We can't leave unless we have another two or three people leave, too," Changmin mumbled against Jaejoong's skin. "It'd be too obvious otherwise. You've got to be more careful."

69- One Summer
by: bicycleforfive / nc-17 / au / angst / romance / psychological

"I hate them." The words broke through the silence, disturbing the song of the cicadas as Changmin's scalding hot tears rolls down his cheeks.

70- my oven full of sunshine
by: pikasu / pg-13 / 12940w / romance/ fluff / drama / angst

Changmin is a weatherman with an unusual ability. Jaejoong is an award-winning chef that's not as cheerful as he seems. Together, they meet, cook up a storm and slip sunshine into each other's little ovens in life.

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